Do You guys happen to have some good examples for a beginner? A kind of tutorials or sth? Beyond sample codes from NVAPI download…



You are right about NVAPI. I have read through NVidia page and found nothing that ordinary users can understand.
If you have found one, let me know and other users.


Hi MK,
I have studied a bit and got to the point that to use nvapi, you have to know how to program in C. Here is what I have gone through so far and I hope it is going to be of some help to you.

1)set up C programming condition, download C compiler(MinGW) and editor(Visual studio code). there are many sites dealing this topic and you should learn C.

  1. once you set up your programming condition, chk this site to learn and complie easy C programming, https://www.programiz.com/c-programming

3)download NvAPI sdk to get R410-developer and expand and look into sample_code folder. There are five programs code folder, open one and you will find program code. open it. and attempt compile.

4)you will see many errors. This is the start of struggle.
in your cpp file, you have to specify “includepath”. Make a foler, C:\test and specify path to it,
“includePath”: [“c:\test”, “C:/mingw/include”]
in this folder, copy nvapi.h and lib file,

  1. compile it.
    I know it will not work easily, but this is how you should proceed, I am still struggling to compile Nvidia sample sources. Once successful, I will write my own modifying sample. My goal is t make 2x2 mosaic with upper tow displays inverted orientation.