Nvargus-daemon crashing on startup

I was having an issue where every time I had a program error while using gstreamer to capture video from a Raspberry Pi V2 module there was a core dump and I had to reboot the system to get the system to detect the camera again. Now every time I launch the system I get a system failure message telling me that the nvargus-daemon service has crashed. If I try to restart the service I get a message that it is already running, but if I check the service status it says it has already stopped. It seems like perhaps something has been corrupted, but I can’t find any information on reinstalling the service or drivers without re-imaging the entire system. If anyone has a solution to this issue I would be most appreciative.

If you are referring to the “system error has been detected” window that pops up after logging in then you can solve your problem with:

sudo rm /var/crash/*

By default if there are crash dumps in that directory you’ll get the window popping up. Since the crash files persist across reboots you may be seeing a message related to a prior problem and not the current boot cycle.


No. I get that message some times, but the underlying cause is persistent.