Nvargus daemon crashing

On our Xavier NX running L4T 32.7.1, our nvargus camera daemon is crashing after a seemingly random amount of time. When this happens we are getting images from one camera using the argus api in a way similar to the example 13_multi_camera. I attached the portion of /var/log/syslog from the crash.
crash_log_nx.txt (28.8 KB)

is this duplicated with Topic 248789?

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for the reply. The platform and L4T version are different and the errors in the crash log were different so I figured that the root cause of the issue might be different.

hello jfk214,

no… it remain the same…
that’s timeout failures, and it may due to sensor is not sending frames, or intermittent MIPI signal.

hello jfk214,

according to Topic 248789, comment #6.
due to the timeout failure usually related to sensor side, could you please probe the MIPI signal for checking.
please check this failure is caused by sensor not sending frames, or intermittent MIPI signal, or… something else.

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