NvArgus Memory leak issue

I’m following up on this issue Nvargus-daemon stop by event overflow at about 64975 frames

I’m facing the same issue on JP 5.1.1 on Jetson Orin Nano using an application written with Argus. Is there a way to use the SystemMemory as stated in that forum but inside an Argus application and not using Gstreamer? I would like to avoid having to upgrade to JP 5.1.2. Thanks.

Suppose there’s no problem by Argus APP the problem only happen with gstreamer command line.

Hi @ShaneCCC , I don’t think I understand your response. I am saying that I already ran into this problem with the Argus app. You can try with the 09 argus jpeg sample in the jetson_multimedia_api and you will see the memory leak with JTOP.

The topic you reference to should have problem for gstreamer command but Argus APP.

How many memory leak?

As you can see from this related issue Issues with jpegenc - #18 by chriscalif. The underlying issue is with the NvJpegEncoder which is also used in the Argus applications.

OK, I would suggest use software jpeg encoder if don’t want to upgrade to new release.

BTW, Jetson Orin Nano don’t support HW encoder. Suppose shouldn’t have the problem.

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