nvarguscamerasrc missing features?

Is there a plan for exposing additional libargus capabilities in nvarguscamerasrc as parameters? Specifically, there are critical parameters missing from nvarguscamerasrc including: aeLock, auto-exposure and exposure-time. Also, important parameters which are available from libargus and not exposed include analog and digital gain. Without these setting available we can’t achieve the range of control we need for both outdoor full-sun and indoor lighting videos.

We would gladly contribute the effort to add these features to nvarguscamerasrc if the source code were to be made available.

hello sperok,

thanks for your advises,
we’ll investigate this internally and get back to you as soon as we have conclusion.

hello sperok,

we had done the implementation to control gainRange, and exposureTimeRang with Argus plugin.
please expect this will be include in the next public release.

Thank you JerryChang.

Can you provide a preview of the libargus controls that you plan to expose? To be truly useful I think you would need to provide all the controls that are in nvcamerasrc (aeRegion, wbRegion, wbManualMode, wbGains, aeLock, exposure-time, contrast, saturation). For controls that don’t have an exact mapping to libargus (contrast, saturation) it would be great to get access to the underlying libargus color correction capabilities.

hello sperok,

there will be a release note to indicate all the modification in details of each public release.
for example, [L4T R28.2.1 Release Notes] from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads
please expect these will be include in the next public release, stay tuned.

Jerry - We are actively developing our own implementation of a libargus app. If it is NVidia’s intent to expose the full functionality of libargus in nvarguscamerasrc that will be a waste of our resources. Can you at least give us an indication of time frame and level of feature completeness? I understand the difficulty about commenting on future releases - all I am looking for is something like:

In Release x.x.x nvarguscamersrc will offer a) limited or b) full support of camera parameters exposed by libArgus. This release is currently planned for the xx quarter of 201x.

If the plan is to only expose a few parameters then we will need to continue our development. If you are planning close to full support sometime this year then we would plan to transition aggressively and minimize our own efforts. Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

Hi sperok,

The previous requested features are under developing, however they might not be able to be included in current branch in coming release. To support you on project developing, we’re discussing if any alternative to move forward.

Besides, have you contacted with our regional sales team for your requirement?