Nvarguscamerasrc returns PIXEL_INCOMPLETE error after decreasing the framerate

I work on the TX2 module and L4T R32.3.1. I use gstreamer and nvarguscamerasrc to run stream on my colour camera. I’m getting the following error, when I switch the framerate from 60 to 30 fps:

NvViErrorDecode Stream 0.0 failed: ts 228918904320 frame 1 error 7 data 0x00000001
NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselShortFrame (7)
NvViErrorDecode See https://wiki.nvidia.com/wmpwiki/index.php/Camera_Debugging/CaptureError_debugging for more information and links to documents.
ChanselShortFrame : 0x00000001
    Channels with PIXEL_INCOMPLETE [11: 0]:
        Channels 0
        This can happen for three reasons: PIXEL_SHORT_FRAME: FE packet arrives before last expected pixel of the uncropped image; EMPTY_FRAME: FE packet arrives before cropped pixels other embedded data been received; PIXEL_OPEN_LINE: A pixel line has been opened with line start but FE packet arrives before line end ever arrives.

I’m using the correct gstreamer caps for my camera, because I’m able to run both configurations without any problem at the camera start and also I’m able to switch the framerate from 30 to 60 fps. This error totally block my work, because when it happens I have to restart my hardware. Even the restart of nvargus-daemon service and the system reboot doesn’t help. I have to power off my system and than start again, otherwise nvargus-daemon service is still returning errors. Could you point me a potential problematic areas, which I should check? Is it a know issue for libgstnvarguscamerasrc library?

It should be control function of the sensor driver have incorrect REG setting cause the problem.