NVBLAS cannot use GPU: log says 'No device selected'

I was using NVBLAS as a drop in replacement for BLAS as explained here: Armadillo: C++ library for linear algebra & scientific computing, to speed up some armadillo operations.

The setup of the environment variable is as following:

[NVBLAS] NVBLAS_CONFIG_FILE environment variable is set to ‘/home/edgar/nvblas.conf’

All of a sudden, my setup stopped working. The linking process fails: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lnvblas, even though that setting didn’t fail before and I didn’t have to set the -L directory path.

I have found two ‘libnvblas.so’, and tried to set the -L directory PATH:
/usr/lib/aarch-linux-gnu/libnvblas.so. → (skipping incompatible …)
/usr/local/cuda-10.2/lib64/libnvblas.so. → Linking issue is gone

When I set the latter -L directory path, the linking issue is gone but now the nvblas.log states the following:

 [NVBLAS] Config parsed
 [NVBLAS] No device selected

Before the linking setup was broken, the nvblas.log said:

 [NVBLAS] Using devices :0 
 [NVBLAS] Config parsed

Some details:
Linux: 4.15.0-140-generic #144~16.04.1LTS-Ubuntu
GPU: GeForce 930MX
Driver Version: 418.152.00
CUDA Version: 10.1 (according to nvidia-smi command)
IDE: Eclipse

Any ideas? I would really love to get this working again.
I need your support please.