Nvblox with visual-slam : Unable to save mesh as the PLY or serialize the entire map

Calling the /nvblox_node/save_ply and /nvblox_node/save_map services returns “waiting for service” and does not save the file.

My setup is as follows:

  • Jetson Orin Nano developer kit
  • isaac ros visual slam
  • isaac ros nvblox
  • zed2 stereo camera
  • nav2 config almostidentical to the nvblox bringup example for nav2
  • foxglove studio for live data visualization and message previews

In foxglove studio I am able to see that the local and global costmaps are generated. I can probably work more on tuning the parameters, but for initial trials it looks pretty good.

However as I say above I am not able to save the map or the mesh. The call to ros service just outputs waiting for service, hangs and then does not return or produce a map.

Another issue is that calling nav2’s navigate to pose, does not yield expected results. in the logs I can see that nav2 behavior server and controller server attempt to spin the robot and move it, and I can see the robot does spin, but it does not move. I think that partially this might be because I hadn’t driven around the environment long enough to generate a better map.

Please let me know what are some more things to check and let me know if you need me to provide any more information or log messages.

Hi @sameh4

Let me reply to all your questions.

When this message appears, it usually means that the nvblox node has crashed on your Orin Nano. Are you sure it is still running?

Do you have an output from the /cmd_vel topic?