NvBufferTransform failed on Jetson Nano


I’m getting an error saying NvBufferTransform failed and on console I keep on getting an error stating Transform failed============================================>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
NvRmPrivFlush: NvRmChannelSubmit failed (err = 196623, SyncPointIdx = 12, SyncPointValue = 0)
fence_set_name ioctl failed with 22 and on dmesg logs also I’m getting error *[27578.156272] (NULL device ): nvhost_sync_fence_set_name: failed to get fence and it’s never able to recover from that state, to make it work again I have to kill my application & start it again, in my application I’m using NvTransform to convert file descriptor from one image format to another and other is while decoding, can someone suggest what can be the possible fix for that

One possible cause of the prints is memory leak. Please check if certain NvBuffer is created and not destroyed, or mapped and not unmapped in the application.

Hi @DaneLLL

Looked into the code, and I didn’t find any memory leak, whatever buffer I’m creating I dereference it after use, Can this error come if the system will run into low memory, I observed from htop that when I get this error memory was 80% used.


Please check if you use latest Jetpack 4.6.4. If you use previous version, we would suggest upgrade to latest Jetpack 4 release.

If the issue is still present on latest release, please try to replicate the issue on either sample in:


The latest 4.6.4 is stable and this may be an issue in application layer, but if you think it is something wrong in our low-level software stacks, please share us the method to replicate it so that we can check further.

Hi @DaneLLL

I will try updating to the latest Jetpack 4.6.4, and at the same time I will try reproducing the issue in jetson_multimedia_api samples

Thank you

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