NvBufferTransform() on grayscale image unexpectedly changes intensity

I’m using NvBufferTransform() to scale an image with format NvBufferColorFormat_GRAY8. I’m finding that the intensities in the image are changing unexpectedly. For example, solid black regions in the image with intensity 0 should continue to have intensity 0 after the transformation, but instead, they have intensity 84. I’ve tested with both the NvBufferTransform_Filter_5_Tap and NvBufferTransform_Filter_Nearest filters and upscaling and downscaling, and all exhibit this behavior.

Does anyone know what might be causing this unusual behavior?

Scaling with ARGB32 format seems to work fine so this issue may be specific to how the VIC handles grayscale images. For our application, we desire to use grayscale.

Please check if you can reproduce it by running the sample:


If yes, please share the steps. And do you use Jetpack 4.6.3 or 5.1?

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