I’m trying to get the central 1920x1080 pixels of a 3840x1920 dma buffer.
I use NvBufferTransform but I’m unable to get the required pixels with good quality.

The documentation in nvbuffer_utils.h is very poor. By test/failure process I understood the basic use of the NvBufferTransform function. The resulting image is left half correct and right half pixelated.

I use the 13_multi_camera sample and this is the code snippet:

            NvBufferTransformParams transfer_params = {0};
            transfer_params.transform_flag = NVBUFFER_TRANSFORM_CROP_SRC ;
            transfer_params.src_rect.top  = 540;
            transfer_params.src_rect.left = 960;
            transfer_params.src_rect.width = 1920;
            transfer_params.src_rect.height  = 1080;
            transfer_params.dst_rect.top = 0;
            transfer_params.dst_rect.left = 0;
            NvBufferTransform (m_dmabufs[i], m_dmabufs[i], &transfer_params);

This function call looks not right:

NvBufferTransform (m_dmabufs[i], m_dmabufs[i], &transfer_params);

The source and destination are the same buffer. Please allocate another Nvbuffer as destination buffer.

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