NVC++-F-0000-Internal compiler error. unhandled type 53

While trying to compile R (version 4-2.0) from source using nvc version 22.5 It fails when compiling datetime.c in src/main the error I get is NVC++-F-0000-Internal compiler error. unhandled type 53 (datetime.c: 1288).
I have attached a preprocessed version of datetime.c datetime.i so that the bug can be easily reproduced.
datetime.i.gz (51.0 KB)

Thanks knoblauch,

Looks like it’s an issue with static initialization of wide character arrays with more than 7 elemements. In particular the “w_month_name” array. It’s also very similar to another issue that’s been fixed in 22.7 for data initialization of union types with character arrays, so I created an issue report, TPR #32069, and assigned it to the same engineer.


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Thanks for looking into this! As an update: I’ve tried again with nvc version 22.9-0 and am still getting an error, though it looks to be in a different place (NVC++-F-0000-Internal compiler error. unhandled type 53 (datetime.i: 17643))

Looking at the notes in TPR#32069, engineering indicates that they have this fixed in our development compiler. Assuming no issues are found during testing, we expect this fix to be available in 22.11.

I just confirmed that TPR #323069 has been fixed in our 22.11 release.