Nvc++ or pgc++ 20.7, how to choose the standard library

I get a segmentation fault which seems to come from using the wrong standard library. How can I tell the compiler which standard library to use?

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Hi Rob,

This is set in the compilers configuration file, “localrc”. By default, on install the localrc is generated using the system’s GNU installation. To use a different GNU install run:

makelocalrc -d . -x -gcc=/full/path/to/bin/gcc -gpp=/full/path/to/bin/g++ -g77=/full/path/to/bin/gfortran

This will create a new localrc file in the current directory. You can rename the file to anything you like.

To use this rc file over the default, set the environment variable “NVLOCALRC=/full/path/to/mylocalrc”.

Though, I’ve never seen a case that using the wrong STL would result in a seg fault. C++ standard capability issues at compile time, like using and old STL with C++17, I see often, but I’ve never seen a seg fault due to this.

Though, maybe I’m misunderstanding the question and the problem is that the runtime is picking up and older libstdc++.so? In that case, you’d want to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the new directory containing the libstdc++.so so the loader picks up the correct one.

Hi Mat,

yes thats what I was looking for.