nvcamerasrc fails after gst*.deb update


I have a custom built csi camera, working on J4T 28.2.1 with Jetpack 3.2.1. I have to update gst deb files from build version 1.8.1 to 1.8.3 (i don’t see any 1.8.1 on launchpad) to build gst related programs on TX2, and i found nvgst_sample_apps source files, so i can build nvgstcapure, and capture programe works fine now, however i could not find nvgstcamerasrc, so i have failures to work with gst-launch occasionally, and screen went to green.

thanks in advance.

Should be the nvcamerasrc instead of nvgstcamerasrc.
Have a check for below wiki to enable the trace to get more information while failed.


Thanks for your reply,

I really need the source code of “nvcamerasrc” to rebuild it to run my ROS gscam node. (tight project schedule)

After rebuilding nvgstcapture from source, which also fails after gst* deb updates, now it’s running ok.

And according to “Acclerated gstreamer user guide” all these gst*.deb updates are prerequisites to build the argus package, which now has no v1.8.1 deb on deb servers, i can only build with v1.8.3.

and i don’t have skills to debug the camera driver. could you please tell if i can get the source.

What’s your use case and sensor type?