nvcamerasrc pre capture trigger

I noticed while inspecting nvcamerasrc that there is a setting called trigger:

trigger: property to fire pre capture trigger
    flags: readable, writable
    Enum "GstNvCamCaptureTrigger" Default: 0, ""
    (1): idle             - GST_NVCAM_TRIGGER_IDLE
    (2): start            - GST_NVCAM_TRIGGER_START

How do I use this? Is it a predefined GPIO, or do I have to select one? Right now I’m using one of my cameras to trigger the other, but I’d love to be able to use the TX1 to trigger both at the same time.

Hi Atrer
It’s for the AE trigger before capture a picture. It’s a standard gst property you can use set_objet_set() to use it in you gstreamer APP.

Ok, so it doesn’t trigger a pin or anything for syncing multiple cameras?

Noop! it not for the multiple camera sync.