NVCC compiler bug with catch block in templated sub-class

  • Operating System: Observed on Fedora 13 64-bit and Fedora 9 32-bit

  • CUDA toolkit release version: 4.0

  • SDK release version: 4.0

  • Compiler for CPU host code: g++

  • Synopsis:

nvcc generates invalid compile error when compiling a templated sub-class with exception handling.

  • Detailed description:

The following snippet is a simple instance of code that induces this bug.

#include <iostream>

template<typename T>

  class Base {};

template<typename T>

  class Test : public Base<T> {


    void test();


template<typename T>

  void Test<T>::test() {

    try { throw std::string("Exception test"); }

    catch(std::string & e) { }


int main(int argc, char* argv[])


    Test<int> test;



When I try to compile this code as follows, I get the following errors:

nvcc Bug.cu

Bug.cu: In member function ‘void Test::test()’:

Bug.cu:15: error: expected `)’ before ‘(’ token

Bug.cu:15: error: expected `{’ before ‘(’ token

Bug.cu:15: error: ‘::e’ has not been declared

Bug.cu:15: error: expected `;’ before ‘)’ token

Upon further inspection (using the --keep and --verbose options), I noticed that nvcc is failing to compile the intermediate file Bug.cu.cpp. In Bug.cu.cpp nvcc has added parenteses and scoping to the exception variable in the catch statement:

# 15 "Bug.cu"

  catch (::std::string &(::e)) { }

This behavior only seems to happen in the case that a templated class is inheriting another templated class. It appears that there is a bug in the generation of the host only code in this case.

This definitely looks like a bug in the compiler. Since you already have a repro case in hand, could you file a compiler bug, please? Thank you for your help!

Absolutely…could you just point me to the site where I can file it?

Log into the registered developer website. You will see a menu bar on the left, and one of the menu items is “Bug Report”.