NVCC complaining about incomplete types and unknown storage size

I have looked all over the place for a solution to this problem. This means there are two equally likely possibilities. Either this problem is tricky or really obvious. If it’s the second one, bear with me.

Ok, so I go to compile my beautifully written CUDA code. To my horror I get the message that the CUDA types I use all have incomplete type, or that their storage size of unknown. See for yourself:

This example code:

#line 2

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


// Common functions, such as initialization and freeing. 


// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#ifndef EXAMPLE_C

#define EXAMPLE_C

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <cuda.h>

#include "matrix_types.h"

// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


// Reporting and diagnostic functions. 


// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

#define REPORT_FAILURE(__DEATH_MESSAGE__) printf("%s.%d : FAILURE : %s\n", __FILE__, __LINE__, __DEATH_MESSAGE__);exit(-1);

void reportcudaProperties(char * return_string, int dev) 


// Compiler says: 

// error: storage size of ‘properties’ isn’t known

  struct cudaDeviceProp properties;

  cudaGetDeviceProperties(&properties, dev);

sprintf(return_string, "Device Name					 : %s\n", properties.name);

  sprintf(return_string, "Total Global Memory (bytes)	 : %d\n", properties.totalGlobalMem);

  sprintf(return_string, "Shared Memory per Block (bytes) : %d\n", properties.sharedMemPerBlock);

  sprintf(return_string, "Total Multiprocessors		   : %d\n", properties.multiProcessorCount);

  sprintf(return_string, "Registers Per Block			 : %d\n", properties.regsPerBlock);

  sprintf(return_string, "Warp Size					   : %d\n", properties.warpSize);

  sprintf(return_string, "Maximum Pitch (bytes)		   : %d\n", properties.memPitch);

  sprintf(return_string, "Maximum Threads per Block	   : %d\n", properties.maxThreadsPerBlock);

  sprintf(return_string, "Max Block Dimensions (x,y,z)	: (%d,%d,%d) \n", 




  sprintf(return_string, "Max. Grid Size (x,y,z)		  : (%d,%d,%d) \n",




  sprintf(return_string, "Total Constant Memory (bytes)   : %d\n", properties.totalConstMem);

  sprintf(return_string, "Compute Capability			  : %d.%d\n",

	  properties.major, properties.minor);

  sprintf(return_string, "Clock Rate (Kilohertz)		  : %d\n", properties.clockrate);

  sprintf(return_string, "Texture Alignment			   : %d\n", properties.textureAlignment);

  sprintf(return_string, "Can copy memory during kernel execution ?\n----> %s", 

	  (properties.deviceOverlap == 1 ? "yes" : "no"));


// Initialize a matrix into device memory memory. 

matrix_error_t matrix_int_init(matrix_int * ret_matrix, 

				   int rows,

				   int cols) 


  if ((rows <= 0) || (cols <= 0)) {

	REPORT_FAILURE("Improper matrix dimensions");


// Allocate a cudaMatrix on the device. 

  size_t pitch;

  struct cudaError_t error_code = cudaMallocPitch((void **) &(ret_matrix->contents), &pitch, 

		  sizeof(int) * rows, cols);

if (error_code != cudaSuccess) {



ret_matrix->rows = rows;

  ret_matrix->cols = cols;

  ret_matrix->pitch = pitch;


#endif // EXAMPLE_C

Generates the following errors:

$ nvcc example.c 

example.c: In function ‘reportcudaProperties’:

example.c:33: error: storage size of ‘properties’ isn’t known

example.c: In function ‘matrix_int_init’:

example.c:73: error: variable ‘error_code’ has initializer but incomplete type

example.c:73: error: storage size of ‘error_code’ isn’t known

example.c:76: error: ‘cudaSuccess’ undeclared (first use in this function)

example.c:76: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once

example.c:76: error: for each function it appears in.)

I doubt it’s something on the end of the CUDA developer, but this i something one might expect to see when a type is declared as extern…

Any ideas?