NVCC crash! maybe my code is too complicated?


I’m currently porting a small part of a genetic algorithm on cuda. It is the evolution part. I wish to do so because I’ll be able to evolve all my population in same times.

As I said, it is a port of an existing code originally wrote in C++ with class. Also, it was a chemist ( :X ) who code and some part of the code is unless complicated. For example, I have to deal with 6 nest do-while loop. Anyway, I was able to rewrite it in C style with struct but the workflow didn’t change a lot.

The problem is when I’m trying to compile my work on windows vista in VS 2008 I get this error :

Here the comment line :

I used the compiler option -OPT:Olimit=99999 and set no optimization. Without this option, a bunch of this :



     I am having the same problem with my program, If you managed to fix it , do you mind sharing the solution?

Thanks !