nvcc does not work

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get CUDA working on my system (Thinkpad T61 with Nvidia NVS140M, Kubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04, Kernel-Version:2.6.24-23)

After Installing the newest nvidia driver (180.29), the CUDAToolkit and Cuda-SDK (everything seemed to work), I tried to run “nvcc -v” in order to see whether its working but all I get is

/usr/local/cuda/bin ./nvcc -v
bash: ./nvcc: cannot execute binary file

or with sudo

/usr/local/cuda/bin sudo ./nvcc -v
./nvcc: 2: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting “)”)

First I do not understand the different error massages as I set ‘sudo chmod a+x nvcc’ and second what is even more disturbing is the syntax error even if I try to call nvcc as su. Although I’m not complete newbie with Linux I wouldn’t say I am an expert. Therefore I would really appriciate any help.

Thanks in advance

did you install the right bitness for your machine? I’m guessing the answer is no

Well installed I




Both for 64bit-System which i actually have but I guess the problem might be that the Kubuntu Installation is for 32bit and thats causing the problem I will check on that…

Well that was it…The architecture is 64bit but I have 32bit kubuntu on it…thanks a lot!