nvcc fatal! compile .cubin file

I am trying to compile a *.cubin file from *.cu file , but I have a following error:
nvcc fatal : Cannot find compiler cl.exe in PATH”. If I am not mistaken PATH it is envionment variable.
I add path for this file into PATH variable but problem is not disappear.
Does anyone know how can I sovle this problem?


P.s My english is not so well as I wont,sorry.

please show all of your compilation commands.

I am using CUDA.NET accoding GASS documentation commad to complile is
nvcc my_file_name.cu --cubin
Also I am using different files type (e.g. *.cu *.cu) but unsuccessfully
Does someone know where I can find documentation for nvcc error messages?


nvcc.exe -ccbin “D:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin” -O2 -arch sm_10 -code sm_10 --host-compilation C++ -cubin -m 32 -odir “Debug” -ext none -int Real test.cu

Thanks for your efforts to help me.
I copyed my *.cu file into directory where cl.exe is located.
I compiled *.cubin file successfully after that.



Unsure if this is your issue, but if you’re using the command line it sometimes helps to run C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat before trying to compile a cu into a cubin as detailed in the nvcc manual to help set up the environment variables, then you might not have to move stuff around to make it work.