nvcc internal error

when I compile a cuda cu file, It failed with below error

/home/sunchenggen/code/pico/tensor/test/test_eltwise.cpp(35): internal error: assertion failed: missing rescan info (/dvs/p4/build/sw/rel/gpu_drv/r361/r361_00/drivers/compiler/edg/EDG_4.10/src/exprutil.c, line 4296)
1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "test_eltwise.cpp.cpp1.ii".
Compilation aborted.

I compiled the on two different machines, both failed with that error;
what does this mean? how to fix it?

Try the latest CUDA version (CUDA 9 RC is currently available).
Or file a bug at developer.nvidia.com

It’s unlikely that anyone can tell you what to do without the actual example that is causing the problem, and also what cuda version and compile command.