NVCC MSVC command line parsing (xCompiler)

I want to change the path of the *.pdb file generated while building CUDA code. I am using the 6.5 toolkit with VS 2013.

Using the build customization tool I set the Host Additional compiler options to: /Fd"BuildDir\Win32\Debug VC12\cuda.pdb"

This results in the following error:
nvcc fatal : Stray ‘"’ character in command line

If i set Host Additional compiler options to /Fd"BuildDir\Win32\cuda.pdb" it works.

From what I can tell the space in the path is causing a problem. I have tried a number of common approaches to keep the space from causing problems but I can’t get it to work. I am really failing to understand how NVCC parses arguments and passes them to the compiler. Can anyone explain how to resolve this issue?