nvcc on Linux using non GCC C/C++

I was wondering if Nvidia supports or plans to support nvcc on Linux based on non GCC C/C++ compilers?

Ideally one would like to use a good compiler + optimized libraries / MPI for a particular platform and then augment their code with CUDA for GPU enabled platforms. For instance the Intel compiler set does much better job on Westmere/Nehalem than the stock GCC compiler. Another nuisance is the MPI layer which would also need to be built with the GCC compiler for underlying CUDA enabled MPI code.

Is there any semi-official or unsupported way to invoke Intel icc/icpc instead of gcc?

Thanks … dT

You can link GCC- and ICC-compiler code. So you should be able to compile the CUDA parts of the program with GCC (through nvcc) and CPU only parts with ICC.

It would be most useful to allow people to chose the C/C++ compiler nvcc can use to compile the .c parts of the entire workflow as long as the compiler is ANSI C compliant. I am just hoping for this to to happen sooner than later.

thanks for the reply