NvCpl.dll setview clone 1

When I send the command :

String comand = “setview 1 clone”;
uint returnValue = dtcfgex(comand);

I loose all video. The command returns successfully, but it seems at the point that the command is executed the system locks up. I verified this by starting the command in a separate thread with a timeout if it did not complete in time. It never timed out or completed enough to write to the app event log. Under the nvidia configuration in the register it says the command completed successfully.

I do not have or no where to get any pdb for the nvidia driver. If I had them I could enable driver trace.

First time really debugging nvidia issues but not driver/low level. Some links would be awesome. If you have seen a similar issue please comment. My slow down point is that our IT department has a firewall on my firewire, so no windbg at this second.

I can also some what repro this in less frequency through the control panel. Here is some more info.

Choose OS: Microsoft XP 64bit
Product Name: 9800 gt
Driver Version: 314.22