NVCSI Clock and Bandwidth

Orin-TRM_DP10508002_v1.0p.pdf - page #539 states “NVCSI is capable of processing four PPCs when bits-per-pixel (BPP) is greater than 16, and eight PPC when BPP is less than or equal to 16”
a. If Max NVCSI clock is 640MHz, available BW is 640*4 = 2.560 GPPs. Does that make sense ?
b. Which document should be reviewed for AC/DC spec or all clock frequency limits (min, typ and max)?

CPHY 164 Gbps
(4.5 Gsps/trio * 2.28 bits/symbol * 4 trio/brick * 4 Bricks)
DPHY 40 Gbps
(2.5 Gbps/lane * 4 lanes/brick *
4 Bricks)

Thanks Shane for the reply.
Can you respond to NVCSI clock frequency and AC/DC specs ?

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Sorry I don’t understand the question. What’s the AC/DC specs?