NVCSI & VI channel/Port routing question

Hi experts,

As I understand from various DTS files,TRM and data sheets,
CSI lane A/B are mapped to NVCSI channel 0 & VI port 0
CSI lane C/D are mapped to NVCSI channel 1 & VI port 1
CSI lane E/F are mapped to NVCSI channel 2 & VI port 2

Can I configure my DTS to change this routing like below
CSI lane E/F routing to NVCSI channel 2 & VI port 2

Please let me know .


hello ravikiran.hv,

you may also refer to the [V4L2 Sensor Driver Development Tutorial] from https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/learn/tutorials

Hi JerryChang,

I did went through this. But, it doesn’t talk about what I am looking for.

However, I found answer to my querry with lots of experiment. That is the hard way to learn :)

Closing this thread.

Appreciate your help


Hi ravikiran.hv,

I’m also facing issues in mapping.
Can you please help me out here by stating the correct mapping and any other insights you got on this.
I’m trying to implement a different camera on tx2.