[nvcuvid] Chromatic aberrations and green/purple bar with some aspect ratios.

I am using nvcuvid to decode an h264 video directly from gstreamer (using gst-launch command) on a GTX 970.

In 4:3 or 16:10 everything seems fine but when trying 16:9 resolutions (e.g 1920x1080), a greenish bar is visible on top of the content. I also see some chromatic aberrations as if some parts of the video were shifted ( https://db.tt/0tVkZzFe and https://db.tt/YZ40eMi5 ). It does not happen to me with other ratios, even tried 2048x2048 without issue.

When I receive the decoded frames I just copy them line by line to my shared memory module, no fancy processing there. Did anyone ever have a similar experience?

Thanks for any advice.

EDIT: after investigation it seems that the Y and UV channels are shifted in a weird way, it is possible to “fix” the issue but the size of the aberration is pretty random so it is just a dirty hack to illustrate the issue.