Nvdcf does tracker-width and height = camera resolution?

For a camera that is 1920x1080 resolution

should the NvDCF settings be:


What is the effect if they are set to smaller values for example



The plugin accepts NV12- or RGBA-formatted frame data from the upstream component and scales (and/or converts) the input buffer to a buffer in the tracker plugin based on the format required by the low-level library, with the frame resolution specified by tracker-width and tracker-height in the configuration file’s [tracker] section.: Gst-nvtracker — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation
There are requirements for low level tracker.(To be a multiple of 32 when visualTrackerType: 1 or reidType is non-zero with useVPICropScaler: 0)


So does it need to match the incoming camera stream resolution or does it adjust the camera resolution to match the tracker width & height settings?

tracker-width and tracker-height need match the low level nvtracker requirement.