NvDCF tracker get different results running application from cmd vs. docker container

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Jetson Nano
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TensorRT: 7.0.0

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bugs, tracker

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Customerized pipeline with pgie + nvdcf tracker

I have noticed some lingering bbox problem, so change some params in tracker_config.yml from the default one in /config/deepstream-app/

Test by running the application from cmd on test videos, the lingering bbox was removed.

So deploy in production which is running the same application with same tracker_config.yml from docker container. nvcr.io/nvidia/deepstream:5.0-20.07-base

Although lingering bbox was removed, lots of objects are missed/not tracked when running app in docker container
quite different results compared with when running the application from cmd, on the same test video with same tracker_config.yml

Puzzeled why nvdcf tracker yields different results with same config when running app from cmd vs. docker container
on the same nano device.

Please find the tracker_config.yml attached. Thank you very much.

tracker_config.yml (6.6 KB)

Hey customer,
The behaviour should be same within or without docker, could you check “cat /opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-5.0/version” to check if DS are on the same version.