NvDdkVicConfigure Failed when running NvBufferTransform

Hi there,

I’m using NvBufferTransform to transform decoded jpeg images from YUV to ABGR. Here are the high level steps I’m taking (pseudocode):

  • jpegdec->decodeToFd(fd1)
  • NvBufferCreateEx(&fd2) → allocate hardware buffer if needed (image size changes)
  • NvBufferTransform(f1, fd2)

As long as consecutive images are of the same resolution or the next image has higher resolution everything works fine. But once NvBufferCreateEx allocates buffer with smaller resolution, NvBufferTransform throws the following error:

NvDdkVicConfigure Failed
nvbuffer_transform Failed

Can anybody help me identify what I may be doing wrong?

My configuration details:

  • Jetson AGX Xavier
  • Jetpack 4.6
  • nvidia-l4t-jetson-multimedia-api/stable,now 32.6.1

This looks to be duplicate of
NvDdkVicConfugure failed, nvbuffer_transform Failed - #4 by DaneLLL

There is constraint in downscaling ratio.

@DaneLLL so as far as I understand once a process allocates hardware buffer with size (x, y), the minimum size of the hardware buffer that can be allocated by the same process is (x/16, y/16). Is this correct?