nvdec callbacks never being called

I have an mp4 h.264 file. The file is playable in VLC and MPC. However, when I try to play it within the Video SDK samples, none of the callbacks(pfnSequenceCallback, pfnDecodePicture, pfnDisplayPicture) are being called and no errors are being generated from cuvidParseVideoData. Is this a bug or is there something inherently wrong with this file?

The file is attached.
System info:
CUDA 10.1
Quadro P1000
Driver 418.96

rtp.7z (6.32 MB)


Your ffmpeg command line used to capture RTP stream looks correct. However, the captured stream is corrupted. This could be because of packet drops or transmission losses during the RTP transfer. You
may have to investigate that separately.

The captured file is playable under VLC because, VLC uses FFmpeg software
decode. And in general software decoders may have better error concealment than NVDEC(and may be other hardware decoders also).


Thanks Mandar,

So then what you’re saying is that I don’t need to write a more tolerant h264 parser but look for a better streaming solution because nvdec won’t be able the process the stream with so much packet loss anyways?