NVDEC decode to render rate


Does any method or API call exist to allow the supplied callback ‘RealHandlePictureDisplay’ to be called at the specified input frame rate? I hate to add that it is possible for AMD and Intel interfaces, am I missing something? This would allow for a much simpler mapping of OpenGL of DXsurfaces and draw at the consistent rate. The sample app also exhibits this error as the decoder will from time to time (common 264 file) spits out for 30Hz source with following TS for example: 33,33,33,66,1,33,33 etc causing a jump in the render.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Any thoughts on this dev team? I can solve the issue for a handful of display windows using timer events and timestamp methods, however, it does not scale very well (timers and separate threads are not ideal). I have plenty if pixel & decode bandwidth. The ability to render the frame as soon as it is decoded at a steady rate out of the decoder as described above would solve the issue. The error can easily be reproduced running a single instance of the Dx9/11 decode sample app. Cheers.