NVDEC: HEVC Decoded pictures not in display order anymore

Since driver version 465.89 the callback pfnDisplayPicture doesn’t deliver the decoded frames in display order anymore when using B frames.
Up to driver version 462.59 everything works fine.
Maybe there had been more versions between, but theses are the only versions I could access to narrow the problem down.
The number of decoding buffers are given according to the (new) documentation of min_num_decode_surfaces given in pfnSequenceCallback and also returned.
Does anyone knows something of this behaviour change, because documentation of pfnDisplayPicture still states “Parser triggers this callback when a frame in display order is ready”?

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Ok, found the problem by myself, but if someone else has a similar problem:
The behaviour of the CUVIDSOURCEDATAPACKET.timestamp value changed.
Until driver 46.259 the value was not interpreted or used and just given back when an image was decoded. Now it is use to sort the decoded images before giving them back (don’t know how they did this before exactly).
Our implementation just used this value to reference metadata with an index, this worked fine the last years, but now the value has to match the correct timestamp order of the encoded images.

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