NVDEC video & audio in OpenGL


I was wondering if NVDEC can be used to create easily an OpenGL player in order to play video AND audio from a high resolution MP4 (between 4K and 8K) ? I tried two years ago the NVDEC sample and managed to decode video but nothing was forecasted to do synchronisation bewteen video & audio (and nothing to play audio if I remember).
Can someone help me to achieve synchro with audio & audio decoding while decoding video stream ? Is there any documentation available or any video SDK using NVDEC which implements this ?


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I think MPV player uses NVDEC (via FFmpeg) and OpenGL. You might want to take a look at it or similar projects. NVIDIA Video Codec SDK does not support audio playback or AV synchronization.


Thanks very much for your answer. I will have a look at libmpv so.