Nvdisasm says binary is not a supported Elf file

With a simple vector add program (only one kernel), I get the following error with nvdisasm.

nvdisasm fatal   : vec_add is not a supported Elf file

I tried the following build commands:

nvcc -o vec_add -arch=sm_86 -Xptxas -O3,-v vec_add.cu
nvcc -o vec_add -arch=sm_86 -g -G vec_add.cu

I have to say that cuobjdump vec_add -sass works fine. Is there a way to see the output of nvdisasm?

nvdisasm requires as its input a cubin file. It won’t work with an executable. A cubin file can be created by nvcc. Refer to the nvcc documentation for usage of -cubin.

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