NVDISASM tool flow analysis not working


I tried using NVDISASM tool to extract register liveness information and control flow graph from .cubin files.

I compiled the .cu file using NVCC in CUDA Toolkit 6.5 and passed “–preserve-relocs” to the ptxas.

When I try to use “-cfg” option, I get " : Cannot print dot output file with these options" error.

When I try to use “-plr” option, I get disassembled code but not register liveness information next to it.

Can anyone suggest a solution to resolve this issue?


For which architecture did you compile the cubin?
if it was a pre cc 3.0 architecture, try re-compiling for cc 3.0 or newer (nvcc -arch=sm_30 …), and re-try the nvdisasm commands.

I tried sm_20. Actually, re-compiling for sm_30 made it work. Is there a way I can use nvdisasm for cc 2.0?