Nvdsanalytics overcrowding object level metadata are not independent of roi-filtering configuration?

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) TX2
• DeepStream Version5.01
**• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)**4.4
• TensorRT Version
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When dealing with the over-crowding object level data which is vector std::string ocStatus, I found if I didn’t enable/configuration an area of [roi-filtering-stream] which overlapped of the [overcrowding-stream], I cannot get the correct OverCrowding labels. But I can get correct frame level ocStatus even if I disable the ROI area.

Has anybody encountered the same issue?

In my opinion, the configuration of roi-filtering and over-crowding are independent of each other. Is it a wrong idea or I missed something?


Can you specify more details for this issue?
In addition, pls share your configs with us.


Let’s use a simple demo as the “deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test”. The relevant configures in “config_nvdsanalytics” are as follows:



When I enabled roi-filtering(for area1), I could get the frame-level over-crowding alarm message as “Overcrowding status area2 =1” as well as object-level message as “object xxxx is in overcrowding area2 object yyyy is in overcrowding area2 …”

But if I disabled roi-filtering(for area1), I could still get frame-level alarming “Overcrowding status area2 =1”, but no object-level message any more.

The problem is if I want get object-level oc info, I have to setup and enable a roi-filtering area which encompasses the oc area.



Any update?

Hey Andy, we are still checking internally , will update ASAP.

Thanks for reporting the bug, we will fix it in next release.

Sure! Looking forward to the new release!