Nvdsanalytics plugin frame dropout issue

I am using deepstream 5.0 in jetson nano along with a jetpack version of
4.4 installed in a 64gb memory card.
I tried an example of deepstream nvdsanalytics-test, in that i explored
the line crossing count and changed the coordinates according to the
video as an input.

Changed coordinates are -

The test video used for this are upload in drive and the link is given below
Test1 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=145z5bwcAVIBZZkAmDw4ApwOS9Lq1yrji

Test 2 : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o5tCPALWuoL_KhlB7j5vsOi1jT3tRhwk

In test1 the visuval counting of car is 30 and after adding the nvdsanalytics line crossing count its says 15 and the screen record for this video is given below


In test 2 also there is a difference in visuval count and line crossing count value while
visuval its 55 cars but in shows only 15 cars in LC Count and below i linked a screen record of it


My questions are:

  1. why is the process to slow in jetson nano,by slower means it misses
    frames to process ?
  2. does the nvdsanalytics plugin works as same as mine missing frames
    while using it ?


Let us check this internally and update more information with you later.

I also test the deepstream-nvdsanalytics-test app, on my jetson Xavier, the frame drop problem is serious. It’s smooth at the very first few seconds, but after that, the frames are dropped heavily. BTW, the deepstream-test3 app is running smoothly.

Please refer to


We can reproduce this issue with the shared video.
Our internal team is checking the cause currently.

Will update more information with you once we got a progress.