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Can the nvdsanalytics plugin take normalized coordinates for ROIs as input instead of absolute coordinates? If not, is this a part of a future update? It makes more sense imo to use normalized coordinates and scale it to analytics config width and height?

What does your “normalized coordinates for ROIs” mean?

For example use normalized coordinates [0,1] float values and scale it to config height and width.
ROI-LEFT_REGION = 0.1613,0.35560.2888,0.3622, 0.3187,0.4756 etc etc

instead of using absolute values. Does this make sense?

No. Currently the absolute ROIs coordinates are not suported.

will normalized coordinates be supported in a future release?

Is there any special reason for ssuch requirement?

A little interest from me cause
1: Initially our rtsp server had a resolution of 1080p and we had to lower it to 720p due to bandwidth requirements. This required a change in all roi’s absolute coordinates. Instead wouldn’t it be easier to use normalized coordinates and just change the config width and height?

2: Also, I’d like to read the normalized/relative ROI and line coordinates into our pipeline and do our own custom roi and line crossing calculations. instead of using the plugin provided by DeepStream.

Maybe you can use nvvideotemplate to implement your own analytics functions based on normalized coordinates.

can the roi info from “config_nvdsanalytics.txt” be exported into my application or would I need to read that file and it’s contents the usual way?

You need to read and use the content of the configuration file in your own way.

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