NvDsAnalyticsObjInfo: dirStatus is not a list

Hello, I am working with DeepStream 6.0.1 on a Tesla T4 using the Python bindings.
I am trying to retrieve analytics information about line crossing, direction, and roi.
I am using the following code:

# Extract object level meta data from NvDsAnalyticsObjInfo
l_user_meta = obj_meta.obj_user_meta_list
while l_user_meta:
        user_meta = pyds.NvDsUserMeta.cast(l_user_meta.data)
        if user_meta.base_meta.meta_type == pyds.nvds_get_user_meta_type("NVIDIA.DSANALYTICSOBJ.USER_META"):
            user_meta_data = pyds.NvDsAnalyticsObjInfo.cast(user_meta.user_meta_data)
            if user_meta_data.dirStatus:
                    "Object {0} moving in direction: {1}".format(obj_meta.object_id, user_meta_data.dirStatus)
            if user_meta_data.lcStatus:
                    "Object {0} line crossing status: {1}".format(obj_meta.object_id, user_meta_data.lcStatus)
            if user_meta_data.roiStatus:
                print("Object {0} roi status: {1}".format(obj_meta.object_id, user_meta_data.roiStatus))
    except StopIteration:

Here’s an example of the output:

Object 10 roi status: ['roi_person on the sidewalk_0']
Object 10 moving in direction: direction_rule with the same name as another_1_0
Object 23 line crossing status: ['line_crossing_cross vertical line in the middle of the_0']

As you can see from the output, while user_meta_data.lcStatus and user_meta_data.roiStatus are list of strings, user_meta_data.dirStatus is not a list of string but a string. However, according to the doc, user_meta_data.dirStatus should be a list of string as well.
Is this expected?

As the doc you referred said, * dirStatusstr, Holds the direction string for the tracked object. dirStatus is string type, why did you say " user_meta_data.dirStatus should be a list of string as well."?

@fanzh you are right. The documentation is corrected. I probably got distracted or I was looking at a wrong (unofficial) example online. Sorry!
Thank you

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