NvDsAnaylticsFrameMeta objLCCumCnt reset

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Hi All,

I am following the python example about using nvdsanalytics for line crossing. I am looking for a method to reset the counter, specifically user_meta_data.objLCCumCnt) in pyds.NvDsAnalyticsFrameMeta in the probe. Simply setting the metadata to 0 does not work.

# both lines do not work with any error message.
user_meta_data.objLCCumCnt['Enter'] = 0
user_meta_data.objLCCumCnt = {'Enter': 0}

I have searched the python api document and I am not able to find anything related to resetting the counter.
Please kindly advise.


currenty deepstream dose not support to count objLCCumCnt from zero again on the fly.
here is a solution:
you might save the start value A and end value B, then get new objLCCumCnt
by “A-B”.

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