Nvdsmeta_schema.h custom structs

Can [nvdsmeta_schema.h] be edited to include custom structs?

Which structure you want to change? And, more info about this requirement?

2D pose estimation. x, y and conf for each human keypoint.

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You can use extMsg field as decribed below.


Payload with Custom Objects

You can add a group of custom objects to the NvDsEventMsgMeta structure in the extMsg field and specify their size in the extMsgSize field. The meta copy (copy_func) and free (release_func) functions must handle the custom fields accordingly.

The payload generator library handles some standard types of objects (Vehicle, Person, Face, etc.) and generates the payload according to the schema selected. To handle custom object types, you must modify the payload generator library nvmsgconv.cpp.

See deepstream-test4 for details about adding custom objects as NVDS_EVENT_MSG_META user metadata with buffers for generating a custom payload to send to back end.

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Thank you very much.