NvDsMetaPool vs NvDsMetaList & NvDsObjectMeta vs NvDsClassifierMeta

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What exactly is the difference between the two?

NvDsMetaPool seems to include two NvDsMetaLists (empty_list and full_list), but I am bit confused what they do in a pipeline. For example, how frameMetaPool and frameMetaList differ?

Also, in my understanding NvDsObjectMetas are detected objects in a frame. So the number of ObjectMetas will be same as the number of instances detected in a given frame. Then, what is a ClassifierMeta? How come an ObjectMeta can have multiple ClassifierMetas?

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Hi @junghyun.hwang , Basicly, the NvDsClassifierMetaList or NvDsMetaLists is a GList. You can refer the ink below
Its function is to optimize algorithms such as search a specific Metadata.

Yeah, then how does pool and lists differ?

Pool is defined by deepstream, lists is defined by GObject. We add some other parameters into the pool struct. You can read the source code from below path in your env, Thanks

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