NvdsMsgConvBroker - mqtt-conf file not loading

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson Xavier NX 16 GB)
• DeepStream Version 6.3
• JetPack Version 5.1.2
• Issue Type( bug?)
**• How to reproduce the issue ?
Running a graph on a jetson xavier nx device and loading libnvds_mqtt_proto.so library. Connecting successfully to running local mosquitto server.
Problem: It is not possible to start mqtt library with custom defined mqtt-conf.
Is it a due to a configuration problem in the yaml file or the optional properties of the extension?
(On Deepstream 6.4 I had a running dgpu configuration with that, but in deepstream 6.3 and jetson device execution it is failing.)

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container log

mosquitto log

local_video_converter-mqtt-conf.txt (94 Bytes)
local_video_mqtt-conf.txt (209 Bytes)

which deepstream sample are you testing or referring to? could you share the whole client logs? from the printing, there is no error log.

Hello @fanzh !

That is my working file:
front_camera.yaml.txt (16.8 KB)
the corresponding log file:
docker_container_log.txt (17.2 KB)

[in the first launch of the container, a “file not found” message was displayed in the log. after deleting (docker rmi container), pulling a new packed image and starting it, the message wasn’t displayed again. maybe a caching problem somewhere on the ubuntu 20.04 dpgu graph composer machine?]

Thanks for the sharing! is docker_container_log.txt the not working log? could you also share a working log because the information is not enough? Thanks!

which is the custom defined mqtt-conf? could you highlight the difference with workable mqtt-conf configuration? Thanks!

do you mean using custom defined mqtt-conf can work on dgpu with DS6.4 but can’t work on jetson with DS6.3? can you modify the workable configuration step by step to find which configuration will cause the failure?

sorry for answering with so much latency!
I have to withdraw my claim, that it doesn`t work! It does work (generating mqtt messages from nvds analytics to mosquitto broker) with deepstream 6.3 on jetson in docker container.