Nvdsosd to redis

I’m using Deepstream 6.1 in different GPUs (T4, RTX3080, etc…), and would like to send the image created by nvosd to a Redis server, do you have some pipeline example that can guide me to reach it? the idea is to use Redis and NGINX to create a image/jpg stream playable in a browser.


You mean you want to get frame in the osd probe and send to redis server?

Hi Marmiksha,

thanks for replying, I would like to have all possible options (probe, pipeline) and then measure, and compare, but of course if you have it for the osd probe please share with me.

Umm, I don’t really have code to implement this but I did experiment about this earlier. Incase this helps, here are my observations.

  1. Getting frame in probe: Very inefficient due to mem copy and will cause huge frame drop
  2. Use an appsink to read frames from and send it to your redis. (Your main pipeline will not have a frame drop as there is no major blocking code anywhere in the pipeline)
  3. Create a custom gst-plugin to do this (something like dsexample). This will be quite difficult but most gstreamer native. But this implementation is also prone to frame drop if your plugin has some network bottleneck which is not handled.

As for my solution, I ended up sending only the metadata (detections) to a server where it is processed separately as I did not really need the video.

DeepStream has provided APIs to output the video data after NvDsOSD. It has nothing to do with DeepStream for how to transfer videos to NGINX server and how to handle such case with Redis. Can you refer to NGINX resources with Google? HTTP Redis | NGINX

Many thanks for your help, of course option #2 seems to be the better. I’m letting open this thread to see if somebody can add some code for the pipeline or some other tip.

Dear Fiona, thanks for your input, obviously this part of Redis-NGINX is outside of Deepstream scope, but I think that somebody in this forum can have some experience on this and can help. Anyway, let’s focus in the deepstream pipeline, if somebody has some deepsteam pipeline with this feature (sending nvosd output to Redis server), or a workaround about this.