Nvdspreprocess config questions

Hi, I am trying to understand the nvdspreprocess config file parameters and I have some questions.

target-unique-ids - What is a target component? How would I find or set its ID?

And second:
How would I find or set the group ID and source ID of my input streams, so that I’m sure they match up with the groups/source id’s I’m providing in the config?

Thank you.

target-unique-ids, you set it by yourself. It’s set for nvinfer. It’s consistant with the id of nvinfer.
group ID and source ID, you set it by yourself, too. After these parameters are set, you can infer or track the source through these paras by yourself.

That helps with target-unique-ids, thanks!

How/where do I set the group and source ids, though?

You can refer the demo source:


I think the app code itself is where I’d get what I need, not the config. I’ll check that out. I’m asking how to create a group and source that lines up with the IDs we configure in the config.

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Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one.

If you want to get it from the code, you can refer the source code.



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