NvEglRenderer coming on top of all application


I’m trying to use EglRenderer whose API is there inside NvEglRenderer, I’m able to render my frames but the problem is that NvEglRenderer window always comes on top, I want to move that window on background of my gtk application, Is it possible to do that?

This would need other users to share experience. See if there is X11 APIs for setting up this use-case. The source code of NvEglRenderer is in:


It is based on X11. If certain X11 API supports the use-case, it should be possible by customizing NvEglRenderer class.

Okay Sure, I will look into it, but just for the head start do you know which API should I use to make the window go on background based on callbacks

Thanks @DaneLLL

By changing window_attributes.override_redirect = 0; EglRenderer is behaving like a normal window, where it’s not always coming on the foreground

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