nveglstreamsrc referencing unknown handle

I can add a gstreamer pipeline to nvidia sample code, but in my own am having trouble.
EGL : Referencing unknown handle 0xblah type=5

the hex it prints is the least significant 32 bits of the value of my EGLStreamKHR pointer I get using IStream->getEGLStream() with an argus OutputStream.
I have noticed that in my code that pointer value is much larger than it generally is in nvidia sample code. In the sample code, the value fits within 32 bits. The argus frame consumer has no issue with this.

gst-inspect-1.0 reports that the eglstream property wants values 0- 2^32 - 1.

Could there be an issue with the value of EGLStreamKHR, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Why do I make 64 bit values and sample code makes smaller ones?

also, my pipeline is currently:
nveglstreamsrc ! fakesink

my value for EglDisplay is mostly 0x2, while in samples it is 0x1

this was my error, now properly propagating display value. doesn’t help

Hi dhp, this is a known issue and will be fixed in next release.

Thanks DaneLLL.
I assume you mean that it’s a known issue with the nveglstreamsrc element.

There is still the question of why the streams created in the sample apps have usable handles, and Argus OutputStreams in my code are backed with eglstreams that are unusable in gstreamer.
What could cause this?
Is it a context/initialization issue?

Hi dhp, it is an issue that eglstreamsrc declares a 32-bit uint to store the 64-bit handle.

Please try the attachment for r24.2.1
libgstnveglstreamsrc.so.txt (33.3 KB)