nvegltransform: nvmm to eglimage

why i can’t find nvegltransform in Jetson Tx1 packet? how can i transform NVMM to EGLimage

Hello, ColinA:
Can you tell me SDK version you are using?


Hello, jachen:
Thank you for your reply!
My device is Nvidia Jetson TX1 Developer board, the OS is Ubuntu Linux version 14.04, and NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package version is Linux For Tegra R23.2

I find a new problem, Tx1 don’t support eglimage. when I link to libEGL.so, it will fail for eglCreateImageKHR not reference

I’m sorry,The version is Linux for Tegra R23.1 not R23.2

Hi ColinA,

Have all development toolkits been installed well on your developing environment?
Would you please install the JetPack 2.1 again?


Hi kayccc:

thank you for you reply.

It’s ok after I reinstall JetPack completely