NVEmulate crashes

With recent drivers, I am no longer able to run nvemulate (At leas on windows 7 64 bit). Are there registry settings I can manually set to turn on/off writing of shader object assembly/etc?

I filed a bugreport for checking that in QA. To speed up testing, do you know which drivers you had installed when it still worked and which one started failing? Thanks.

Unfortunately, no (though I think 310ish worked). I am unable to launch developer control panel also.

I also cannot launch nvemulate, does the bug was fixed ? (i just try nvemulate recently and it never worked)

An updated version of NVEmulate built September 10th 2014 with support for newer drivers has been uploaded to the site https://developer.nvidia.com/nvemulate

Just noticed this had been fixed. I just tried it and it works. Thanks for the change.

NVEmulate built September 10th 2014 is unable to download, please fix the link. Thanks!